作品回顾:Will Alsop10大经典项目


  Will Alsop的10大经典作品

  10 Exuberant Will Alsop Works

  已故英国建筑师Will Alsop的作品充满了朝气,在其教育、城市、住宅建筑中,都能看到出众的材质表达特征。23岁时,他在蓬皮杜艺术中心的投标竞赛中获得第二名,从那时起,他与Cedric Price共事,后来甚至还于John Lyall等多位建筑大师共同合作。在长达五十多年的职业生涯之中,这位建筑师设计了以下10座经典建筑。

  The late British architect Will Alsop was noted for his exuberant and irreverent attitude that took material form in his expressive, painterly portfolio of educational, civic, and residential works. At the ripe age of 23, he was awarded second place in the 1971 Centre Georges Pompidou. From there, he went on to work for the ever humorous Cedric Price before establishing his practice with John Lyall, and eventually many others, in the early 1980s. With a career spanning almost fifty years, here are ten iconic works from an architect who never missed an opportunity to play.


  ? Wikimedia user April Hickox licensed under CC BY 2.0



  Sharp Centre for Design / 2004

  Completed in 2004 and housing the Ontario College of Art and Design University’s Faculty of Design, the floating volume towers over the university’s historic structureseemingly dancing on multicolor crayon-like stilts. The graphic black and white cladding of the addition has not only impacted the skyline of Toronto but directly influenced the branding of the school, which currently is based on Alsop’s checkered motif.


  Courtesy of aLL Design



  Fawood Children's Centre / 2004

  Wrapped in what appears to be red, green, blue, and black mesh lozenges, the Fawood Children’s Centre provides facilities for autistic and special needs children, as well as adult learning services. Inside, powder blue recycled shipping containers are stacked together to provide space for the nursery while large portholes offer vistas into the classrooms and communal spaces below.


  Courtesy of aLL Design


  ? Flickr user Artur Salisz licensed under CC BY NC 2.0



  Peckham Library / 1999

  Blending Alsop’s noted dry sense of humor with his trademark whimsy, it comes as no surprise that Peckham Library, located in south-east London, takes the shape of an enlarged teal letter ''L.'' The children’s library and adult learning facility are defined by the cantilevered reading room which generated a new public space and tripled the institution’s membership. Peckham Library was awarded RIBA’s prestigious Stirling Prize for Architecture in 2000.


  Courtesy of aLL Design



  Chips / 2009

  Described as quirky, bold and robust, Chips is a residential apartment complex located along the Ashton Canal in New Islington, Manchester, England. The eight-story structure drew its concept and name from the formal properties of three flat chips stacked atop one another. The mixed-use complex was commissioned in 2002 and officially opened in the spring of 2009.


  Courtesy of aLL Design

  The Public社区艺术中心,2008

  当Archigram和Andy Warhol结合,会发生什么?这座位于英国西布罗米奇的多功能艺术社区中心The Public就是很好的表达。建筑体量呈黑色线性,就如同一座“欢乐场所”,在建筑中结合了有机的景观形式、弯曲走廊、丰富色彩,还有极具体量感的开窗洞口。在2014年,这座建筑被改造成一座学院建筑。

  The Public / 2008

  What happens when your cross Archigram and Andy Warhol? The result is Alsop’s multifunctional art and community center The Public located in West Bromwich. The long black rectilinear volume is described as a “house of delights” containing a landscape with suspended organic forms, curving walkways, psychedelic colors, and openings that appear more like bodily orifices than windows. In 2014 the structure was converted into a college.


  Courtesy of aLL Design



  Pioneer Village Subway Station / 2017

  Alsop was commissioned to design two new stations as part of Toronto’s subway expansion. His weathering steel sculptural structures for the Pioneer Village location consist of an undulating, almost creature-like station alongside a grand faceted canopy that houses the regional bus terminal.


  ? Flickr user .Martin. licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0


  该项目由Alsop与合作伙伴John Lyall、 Jan St?rmer共同完成,这座临时建筑的设计灵感来源于打火机,它由扁平状的钢制肋架建造而成,外部覆盖有胶合板和PVC面板,丝丝缝隙让自然光进入内部展览空间。

  Cardiff Bay Visitors Centre / 1990

  Working with then partners John Lyall and Jan St?rmer, Alsop produced this cigarette lighter-inspired structure as a temporary visitor’s center for the Cardiff Bay Development Corporation in 1990. The resulting flattened tube was constructed of steel ribs clad in marine plywood and then covered with PVC sheeting with slots to allow for dappled light within the interior and exhibition spaces.


  ? Flickr user Colt International Limited licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

  Ben Pimlott大楼,2005

  伦敦大学的 Goldsmiths学院于2005年1月投入使用,建筑为7层,其中设置有研究机构的数字工作室和研究部门,主要使用对象是认知文化计算中心(Centre for Cognition, Culture and 三维艺术品,其抽象扭曲的形体似乎反应了内部复杂的功能系统。

  Ben Pimlott Building / 2005

  Opened in January 2005, this seven-story addition to Goldsmiths, University of London houses both the institution’s digital studios and the unique research department for the Centre for Cognition, Culture and Computation. The architect clad three sides of the extruded volume in corrugated metal while leaving the entire north elevation entirely glazed to provide natural light with the various studios and laboratories. In true Alsop fashion, a nine-meter-high steel “scribble” wraps the outdoor terrace as a playful reminder of the messy work happening within.


  ? Flickr user Wojtek Gurak licensed under CC BY 2.0

  Colorium / 2001


  This 62-meter high, 18 story tower located on the Speditionsstrasse peninsula and Dusseldorf boasts a graphic facade of intricate pieces of colored glass that recall anything from international flags to Mondrian paintings. Completed in 2001, Alsop imbued what could have been a pedantic corporate office block with a charm that continues to reflect the ripples of the Rhine across its quilt-like skin.


  Courtesy of aLL Design



  Carnegie Pavilion / 2010

  This education and sports facilitycomplete with a faceted green skinis simultaneously an urban campus and sporting ground that use Alsop’s unique structure to feed the needs of both programmatic requirements. Lecture halls, theatres, and a new media center compliment the 150-seat auditorium.


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